Wrapping capes and baby nests

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Wrapping capes

A baby wrapping cape is an essential element of a layette. In the past it was called a baby shawl. Classic wrapping cape in a slightly more modern, fashion edition from Piapimo. It covers and protects babies during the first weeks of their life. The baby feels comfortable, but at the same time wrapped up, it feels just like in the mum’s tummy. Wrapping capes from Piapimo are made of the best cotton velour, the inside of the wrapping cape is padded with soft, delicate cotton. The wrapping cape gives the child a sense of security, comfort, and also calms down and cuddles.

Baby nests

Baby nests are another discovery of recent years in the world of baby layette. A baby nest for a newborn is a comfortable and practical solution. It can be used in the parents’ bed, on the sofa, creating a safe, cosy space for the baby. Baby nest from Piapimo is made of breathable cotton velour, which is very pleasant to the touch. The baby nest is decorated with Piapimo bee embroidery. The mattress is removable for washing. The baby nest is used in the first months of life. As zero waste fans, we recommend that you reuse the baby nest as a bedding for your beloved animals.