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Crib bedding set (duvet cover and pillowcase)

Good quality bedding set for a crib is a topic that every parent faces. We want your child to sleep comfortably. We also want to be sure that the bedding set (both a duvet and a pillow as well as a duvet cover and pillowcase) is warm, but does not overheat your Little One. Our offer includes duvet cover and pillowcase (a set), comfortable bedding set with filling (duvet and pillow) for newborns, infants, and toddlers, which can be completely washed in the washing machine. Piapimo cotton bedding set is delicate, very pleasant to the touch. Designed in subdued colours of grey, sand, green, pink. But more importantly, they are double-sided, so you can style the space of a child’s room, a crib, or your bedroom depending on your mood :)

Sheets for a crib, pram, Moses basket and cradle

Cotton sheets for a crib and a pram are essentials in a layette. Piapimo sheets have a bee embroidery, they hold on very well to the mattress in the crib and pram. The colour scheme is timeless and universal. Our sheets are either 60 x 120 cm or 80 x 40 cm.

Pillows for feeding

Pillows for feeding are a very useful support when feeding babies. Resting the baby on a pillow for feeding relieves the spine, arms and hands. The Piapimo pillows for feeding are very soft and pleasant to the touch. They are made of cotton velour or cotton jersey in a beautiful colour scheme, that will match the colour of the layette and the colour of the living room. You can also use it later in a child’s room for rest, play and travel.